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Final day at the college

Blimey! Nearly two of the three weeks in London are over. But luckily our students have already got so many impressions and gathered so much experience, it'll last a life-time.

Thursday a week ago, after four really stressful and exciting days, our 19 students had their last day at the ECBM: the big final was to give a presentation on their training company back in Germany. And – not a big surprise for us teachers – all did really very well.

Friday 10th November 2017 was the students' day off. Some did quite a lot of sightseeing while others used the time to do some (or a lot of) shopping...;-) On Saturday we had our trip tp Oxford. Although the weather was not too good, we all experienced a great day in the most famous university town of the world. It was just incredible to see so many venerable colleges, of which some even date back into the 13th century.

On Monday morning, all students started their internship at various companies: their fields of work range from dental care over healthy food to accounting and hotel services as well as the tourism branch. But apart from work, a compulsory visit to a pub was on the agenda: No one can stay in England without having been to a pub and having tried an English breakfast or/and a pint of ale or stout... Some students also went to see the great musical Aladdin. And I am sure there will be more exciting things to come. Just keep all fingers crossed that the students haven't already spent their money on shoes and shirts..:-)

Some extracurriular "activities": Visiting Oxford, Oxford Street with Christmas lights being switched on, being at a pub, "Aladdin theatre" from the outside and a typical English breakfast

Gerald Treutz

Greetings from sunny London


Group in front of the ECBM

Yesterday morning, on Sunday 5 November 2017 at 08:00 am, 19 students as well as two teachers arrived safe and sound at an incredibly sunny city which had been waiting for them: the megacity of London. After half an hour of really hard work - for the teachers as well as the employee of London Transport - everybody got his Oyster Card, which is used for public transport in London.


Then we used three different lines of the unbelievably big tube network to get the easiest way to our host families and "checked in". As luckily nobody fell into the gap ("Please, mind the gap!"), we met at half past two at Leytonstone Station, so that the students could make themselves familiar with their way to the ECBM (European College of Business and Management), the college they started their one week of hard studying this morning.


After that we went on foot through the financial heart of London before we reached London Bridge with a beautiful view on the world-famous Tower Bridge. Having taken some pictures, some of the group went to China Town for some decent food. Being pretty tired, most of us called it a night, as everybody had to get up pretty early in the morning .


And this morning, 19 students started their week of college at the ECBM. Stay tuned for more news to come...

Gerald Treutz

London's calling


Greeting by school management

It's now only two weeks until 19 students will start their Erasmus+ Work Experience in magnificent London. Last Friday, on 20 October 2017, we had our last meeting before take-off.

After a short, but nevertheless, warm welcome by the headmaster Mr Kiese as well as the assistant director Mrs Obermeier-Fenzl, we started into the last session of preparing the students for their three weeks in London.

Before going into final details, all students had to write a test: This was the last part of the online groundwork course (Mebis course), all students had to participate in as part of their preparation for London. And the results of the exam showed, that most students took it seriously and therefore will profit from their acquired skills on-site. Then other organisational things followed: how to write and keep a record book, things you shouldn't forget at home (e.g. cuddly bunny), handing out of the tickets, emergency contacts, and many other aspects. The last part of the day dealt with extracurricular activities the students would like to do: Tower, Tower Bridge, Warner Brother Studios, Big Ben, and many other things...

So stay tuned for the latest news from London.:-)

Gerald Treutz


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